Aguila Mirko

About me

Aguila Mirko – (Eagle Mirko) – I was born in the city of Huánuco, Peru, sometime known as the gateway to the Amazon. Daily I lead different jobs, I help people with my knowledge and my experience in life, I lead workshops with children in schools, also rituals associated with the Forces of Nature and Sacred Plants and as a musician I play in several bands. I was graduated as a Mechanical Textile Engineer, at the Technical University of Lodz – Poland. From the first moment that I step on the land of Poland, it was like I was born again. All the wisdom, power and traditions occulted in me, transmitted by my ancestors and latent in me woke up and I started the road to MYSELF, wich is lasting 33 years. In this road to MYSELF, I defeat many times different „characters” of MYSELF imposed by the system and society. All this was made possible by people very close to me, friends, guides and teachers from all around the world that I find on my way. And my encounter with the Sacred Plant Ayahuaska, increased this wisdom. Wisdom, which people call „shamanism”, I share and try to pass on to others. These experiences introduced me to the world of therapy, through purification rituals, meditations and personal meetings.


My passion is painting, traveling to the depths of the Amazon rainforest to learn more and know more and more medicinal plants, my work in the Non-Governmental Organization „REMENAU” that I co-founded, for the protection of natural medicine in the Amazonian rainforest and medicinal plants. As a  result the construction of our medical spa. My passion is also to expand my natural wisdom of indigenous peoples, living in harmony with nature and respect for all living beings on our Mother Earth. At the end make music, its effect on human beings, magical space then generated and the construction of musical instruments.


I work with children and with people since 1982, all over Poland and many places of Europe. My way of working has evolved over the years, early through indigenous music concerts, later through contact with professors and teachers from different parts of our Mother Earth, and the last 20 years working with plants, Forces of Nature, and of course with the sacred plants such as Ayahuasca.


Since I started the road to MYSELF and having beaten many „characters” of MYSELF, I try to transmit these experiences to people, you can call this „wisdom”, but mine. It is that every one of us possesses this „wisdom” true called ” it self’s life ” and everything else is just reference points. Precisely, in all the rituals and ceremonies, is what I try to awaken in people to start living their own lives HERE and NOW, I transmit Natural Wisdom, to make them start to search themselves for his humanity, which is associated with nature, with Mother Earth, with Mother Earth and HIMSELF. To  familiarize themselves with their spiritual self, which leads to the discovery of their own inner teacher, who teaches speech and practice their own spiritual life and wisely. All this so they can find PEACE and QUIET, so they can discover in other enough GOODNESS and be able to believe in a world filled with PEACE, HARMONY and UNITY. In addition to find enough time each day to appreciate THE BEAUTY and THE LOVE around themselves and sufficient force to identify ITS INTERIOR and VALUE to be not dependent on of the opinions of others to recognize their abilities , so in this way together create this new world. The project „AYAHUSKA PUNKU YATRAY” (AYAHUASKA WISDOM’S GATEWAY), the creation of the medical spa in the Amazonian rainforest, is what this is.