Aguila Mirko


nagran5When I have been placed far from my mother earth which saw my birthdays, I begin to build my life by myself. Then to keep maintain during my studies in the Polytechnics’ of Lodz in Poland, I begin to play music with other Latin Americans in Poland studying. In this way emerged the group KURAKAS. This group was the first Latin American group in Poland. We have carried huge progress and they remember us continuously. We have carried huge progress and they remember us continuously. Till now we play in certain places only, because the Latin American folklore has stopped be popular in Poland.

They have passed years and I ripened with run of time musically, due to new friends with which begin playing. Due to them I begin to play music therapeutic with a different chemotherapeutic masters and therapy of dance, relaxation and one of my dreams has managed to realize!!!! Project: „AYAHUASCA CURING MUSIC” it has become reality. I bore this project in heart from when I have begun my experiences with AYAHUASCA again. It has emerged due to my masters „Curanderos” Don Raul and Carlos from the city of Pucallpa (PERU). It is the holy ritual AYAHUASCA but musical. Premiere has proceeded in the city of Poznan (Poland) in the ethnographic museum, there was from opening of head count Amnesty International about protection of Amazon forest.

Beyond playing spiritual music I’m member of group „FIESTA LOCA” too, it’s a very good band and cheerful as name :). Perfect polish musicians and composers play in it and „maestro” Rafael (Peruvian ) is the vocal leader. We play music „salsera”: merengue, guagira, salsa-pop, itd.
COCA LOCAI’m member of the „COCA LOCA” , was founded AT the end of the 2008 year in the city of Lodz, Poland, that is considered the capital of the recognized world Festival “ Four Cultures ”. The initiative was token by members of the already known group “Fiesta Loca”, six of their members proceeding from Lodz and two of them proceeding from Peru, ground where the “salsa” is much popular, and having his biggest concentration in the city of Lima and the port of the Callao. Chimpum Callao!!! This type of cultural meeting could not be absent and thanks to it Lodz is provided with the first formation “salsera”, taking as members the biggest and recognized Polish musicians, who along his trajectory have had contact with this musical genre, informing in diverse groups “salseros” in Poland. They joined in order to experiment the rhythms of the Caribe, setting to show the instruments of percussion as the kettledrums, congas, maracas, guiro, that are the key of this popular music, and other instruments as the trumpet, the sax and the trombone, bass and a piano to give the touch of the flavor and in this way delight all those lovers and experts of the Latin-American music in Poland and Europe. It’s worth to mention, that has spent a little time of his foundation and it is possible to say that the group has left his trace in every presentation, demonstrating quality, flavor and energy, which already characterizes them, infecting the present public, who immediately answers to all this heat coming from their members. “Coca Loca” invites you all to do a musical trip for Latin America, interpreting rhythms as the salsa, the bolero, the guajira, merengue, between others.

At the end of my modest music history I tell you that I have pleasure to play like a visitor in a band that plays polish poetry sung. It’s a band that exists on polish stage 20 years already and in the new arrangement of the band place has been placed for me in it. This gruop is called „PRZEJŚCIE„.

IMG_9713Recently after a few years off, I was invited to play in the band „Zolotar BAND” – Both the name and the music by the group are related to the wider circle of popular music and folk music. The group seeks inspiration in the sounds and specific issues of the musical traditions of the Slavs, the arrangements of the songs are based on various performance techniques and rhythms that come from ethnic music from different continents. The group program includes its own original compositions, especially the areas near Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, the Caucasus, and Podlasia Podcarpacia (Poland) – romantic ballads, folk and popular melodies of the region. The group participated in the „International Festival Fokowej Inspiration” in Lodz, in Warsaw Art Fair at the Harvest Festival, the group recently performed at Liverpool, during the „POLISH Midsummer Festival” organized by the Polish community Local.