Aguila Mirko

Body and home purification


There are in our body very important points for our health and his functioning in the daily life.
These points have a great influence in every ambience of our daily life. These points are 7 and each of them is responzable of different organs of our body, as well as of different ambiences of our daily life. These points are called ” Chakras „. Each of them includes the suitable zone of our body that him belongs. Similar zones also are in each of our homes. The cleanliness of these zones in our body and home bring as consequence harmony between these points and zones which bears to an interior harmony of our body and home.

There are many ways of purification. In my work I use a method called „Limpia” – purification by smoke from a tree from Northern Peru – Palo Santo (Holy Wood) and his own method, which is the result of many practices and teachings of the masters of naturalists from around the world.

In the process of the „Limpia” I use different ” tools „. I prepare this „tools” during my practices and izolación in the Peruvian Amazon forest, called „dietar”. Between these „tools” are: the „camalonga”, the „perfumito”, water of flowers, etc. I rub with them the points and the body of the patient in case of needing it – I „blow”, to throw out  the ” bad energy ” or to „open” these energy points in the body.

On the right side I put the image of those points.



First chakra: THE ROOT (Grounding)

chakra01 Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is our foundation. Before we work on any other chakra we must work on this one first. Its associated healing color is RED. It contains four petal emanations.It represents the element EARTH, and is therefore related to our survival instincts, and to our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies and the physical plane.If this chakra works properly it brings us health, prosperity, security and the ability to take care of oursleves


Second chakra: THE NAVAL (Feeling)

chakra02 The second chakra, located in the abdomen, lower back, and sexual organs, is related to the element WATER, and to emotions, sexuality, regenerative organs in both male and female bodies, its color is ORANGE. It contains six petal-like emanations. It connects us to others through feeling, desire, sensation, and movement. If this chakra is open, it brings us fluidity and grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and the ability to accept change.


Third chakra: THE SOLAR PLEXUS (Power and will)

chakra03 This chakra is known as the power chakra, located in the solar plexus, the color associated with this chakra is YELLOW and     the element is FIRE. It has ten petals. This chakra is our power center and controls our personal will, ego identity, nutritional digestion, spiritual assimilation, and all forms of elimination on all levels. It further rules our metabolism. If this chakra isin balance it brings us energy, effectiveness, spontaneity, and non-dominating power.


Fourth chakra: THE HEART (Love)

chakra04 Located at the heart, this chakra is associated with the color GREEN, or pink, the element is AIR . It has twelve petals. Giving and receiving unconditional love to all living beings and loving and accepting oneself. It acts as the bridge between the lower three chakras and the upper three chakras.A healthy fourth chakra allows us to love deeply, feel compassion, have a deep sense of peace and centeredness


Fifth chakra: THROAT (Sound)

chakra05 Located at the base of the throat, this chakra is associated with the color LIGHT BLUE. It has 16 petal emanations. This chakra is essential for the ability to speak the truth with loving compassion, self expression, communication and creativity.This chakra loves vibrations and sound,it’s element is ETHER.


Sixth chakra: THIRD EYE (Vision)

chakra06 This chakra is known as the brow chakra or third eye center.It is located between the eyebrows and it’s associated healing color is INDIGO or DEEP BLUE. It loves light and has 96 petals It is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. This chakra opens our psychic abilities and our understanding of archetypal levels. When healthy it allows us to see clearly, even wiithout our eyes.It is the chakra of Divine illumination, inspiration, consciousness and understanding.


Seventh chakra: Crown (The unity and happiness)

chakra07 Located at the Crown of the head this chakra that relates to consciousness as pure awareness. Being connceted to our higher power GOD. Its colors are VIOLET, WHITE OR GOLD. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing.When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.