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Sweat lodge


Temazcal is an indian tradition wich dates from Mayan, Toltek and Northamerican Indians. It relies on creation of closed building, on form of iglo – called INIPI. Whole ceremonial proceeds in its center, it means watering water warmed up stones. In this way it’s created an atmosphere of bath in steam and in sweat.Temazcal is an refinement spiritual, mental and phisical, it are perfomed within building reminding iglo at simultaneous use of cloud of herbs, seasonings and ash. Bath in Temazcal is divided on four sessions,jest podzielona na cztery sesje, or so called „DOOR”. Each door evoke an peculiar energy of cleaning and introspection.

gorace kamienie

Temazcal is build 30 meters from sea, ocean or other water header. The bonfire is placed outside , where stones are heated wich later there will be used. Before entering the igloo, there is left the glasses, clocks and any other accessory so that they do not bother with the heat of the steam. In the Temazcal or Inipi, we enter, sit down and wait for the beginning of the first meeting or Door, which gives place to the beginning when the assistant or Guard of the Fire enters with a spade full of stones the red alive one, it leaves them in the center and moves back closing the door.We stay in the dark. Our guide will throw a water cup on the warm stones and the steam will begin to scatter. Later a plate will happen with grasses that were throwing themselves in fistfuls inside the steam.What rich smells! We begin with deep and rhythmic respirations, invoke to the energy of this Door and realize the dynamics of sanación and ancestral memory.After a few moments of meditative instrocpeccion, and in group, we shout: door!. The Guard of the Fire opens the door and enters with more warm stones and more water, deposits everything in the center, goes out and closes the door to give beginning to the second part of the process.


zdjecia 2335It is necessary to remember that the Temazcal is done to resemblance of the belly of the woman, who is the same belly of the mother Earth or Pachamama, which we enter more nudes possibly and go out being reborn to our life in the Planet, with a vision clearer than we have to do, recover, reconcile and work.



Temazcal or Sweat Lodge is a powerful therapy for the treatment of many illnesses and ailments, be sharp and/or chronic they.
The physical benefits that the Temazcal offers find in rheumatic, prostate problems, arthritis, hepatic, digestive, circulatory problems, pulmonary problems, bronchitis and glandular disorders as the thyroid gland.For his curative characteristics it is an effective method to stimulate all the internal organs, cleaning our body, sweating big quantities of toxins accumulated by medicines and/or provenientes of the proper feeding because at present we face many problems of contamination.
It helps to the elimination of the corpulence, by means of the perspiration, consequently it helps to the treatments of obeseness and premature aging of the skin. It eliminates the chronic physical and mental weariness, problems of evil digestion, stomach pains, descongestiona the lymphatic system and produces notable improvement in the quality of life of the persons who suffer from diabetes and hypertension.


  • Entire relaxation of the muscular system
    The temascal supports to the relaxation of the muscular system, as for example: I relieve of muscular contractions (shrinkage of a muscle), backaches (from the shoulders up to the base of the hip), pains of knees and ankles, between others, thanks to the effects of the temperature and the volatile oils of the plants that are used.
  • Improvement of the circulatory system
    By means of the high temperature and the boiling of fresh water, a high grade of movement is achieved in the circulatory system, helping to correct problems of varicose veins, varicose ulcers, adormecimientos of hands and feet, high or low pressure, and other circulatory problems.
  • Improvement of the immune system
    It increases the production of Leukocytes (white globules) of the body. It has been observed that persons who take these baths of perspiration and who suffer from chronic illnesses or appellants, diminish his illnesses, or, if they fall ill they recover easily.
  • Detoxification of the body
    In the Temazcal, a person can desintoxicar everything necessary to purify his body route perspiration: uric acid, leather problems (acne), to burn fats and impurities of the skin, to treat arthritis, between others. Also on having sweated, it rests to the good functioning of the kidney.
  • Dermatologic system
    The skin acts as a regulatory mechanism of internal temperature of the organism. The temperatures overcome, in some cases 50 °C, in the body there exists a mechanism of internal autorregulación that allows us to exceed them 38°C. In many cases, principally in persons who live in ambiences with a lot of pollution where the pores have them congested, with these high temperatures in the Temazcal these pores are reactivated. It stimulates the regeneration of the skin. It facilitates the formation of the acid, vital cloak for the protection of cutaneous infections.
  • Respiratory device
    Temaqzcal cleans and descongestiona the nasal channels and paranasales, the steam baths are used for the treatment of flu, bronchitis, asthmas, and sinusitis. For effect of the heat it happens I inhale it therapy, which happens with the water steam joined the smoke of the curative flowers and I oiled them of these deposited in the stones during the ceremony and it produces automatically the clearing of the airways.                                                                                                                                              It activates also the irrigation of an impressive form, coming to 7 times more of the normal conditions. There is increase of the blood flows that joined the expansion of the lungs, the bronchi they facilitate the expulsion of the piled up toxins. It is possible to relieve cases of sinusitis, cold, asthma, bronchitis, emphysemas, and other problems of pulmonary order.
  • Nervous system
    In the Temazcal, a relaxing effect takes place and it stimulates the organism, to treat problems as the stress, insomnia, nervous tension and improves the mental process without producing adverse reactions, stimulates the hormonal system, works as a blood cleanliness eliminating the toxins and impurities across the perspiration, automating the nervous system and stimulating the glands sudoríparas, helping also, in a natural way the cardiovascular shortcomings. It acts at psychological level, allowing a better comprehension of his emotional questions and personal problems.

”The Temazcal is a return to the maternal womb of the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) and also it is to born again.”